The mission of the Greener Pastures impact campaign is to shed light on the complex context in which modern farming operates, and the myriad stressors independent farmers face. Through compelling narratives that center around the experiences of individual farmers, our aim is to not only raise awareness of the tragic consequences resulting from these external pressures but also to diminish the stigma surrounding mental health and the act of seeking support. Through these efforts, we aspire to inspire a collective endeavor to address these challenges head-on.

Today, the agricultural industry is grappling with one of the highest suicide rates of any occupation in the US as farmers face the most significant economic pressure since the farming crisis of the 1980s. According to recent surveys, farm bankruptcies are at an eight-year high. A dramatic rise in catastrophic weather events, degradation of healthy soil, and decreased crop productivity also contribute to increased stress in farming communities. Extreme weather events now account for nearly 90% of all U.S. crop losses, according to the USDA. These stressors, when combined with a lack of access to mental health support in rural areas, and the stigma associated with seeking support for mental health challenges have exacerbated the crisis.

If you’re interested in hosting an educational or community screening of the film to raise awareness about these critical issues, please complete the contact form below to be connected with our impact partner, Third Stage. We can offer support to hosting a screening, as well as educational and community discussion guides from our partner at Journeys in Film. Together, we can work toward a brighter and more sustainable future for farming communities.

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